The 1848 is a local landmark rich in history… while for the past 50 years the 1848 has provided rental units (currently 23 units) as a favorite vacation destination, the 1848 was originally built (per its name…) in the year 1848 as a small inn and carriage stop. The original owners were active abolitionists who hid runaway slaves bound for Canada in a secret room at the 1848. The small dirt-floored room used to harbor these slaves still exists today hidden away in an undisclosed location on the 1848 property. During its first 100 years, the 1848 also served as a functioning cow farm and was tied to all the land that currently lies between Route 3 and Parade Road. During the grand hotel era, the 1848 was known as the Batchelder Farm, owned by a branch of the same family who owned much of the land along New Hampshire's seacoast.